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I'm Mickie.

I was lost and found myself in a man’s front yard up a tree when I was rescued by Karen and Neil a few years ago.

I sit on my favourite log everyday as I can’t see well at all. My pupils are completely dilated but they aren't damaged. My blindness is neurological and most likely from something I ate in the rainforest.

I am in love with my new mother Karen and look forward to her cuddles every morning and afternoon.

I grab hold of her and hum as she rubs my neck and back. For a big male I’m actually very loving and I think I am mum's favourite.

I love my red rainforest leaves and glycine vine is my all-time favourite snack.


I'm Billy.

I was rescued a few months ago. I got lost looking for food and was running around in circles in the middle of a very busy road when a lovely man and his daughter drove past. They knew something was wrong so they scooped me up. I was so tired I sat, wrapped in a blanket on the little girls lap all the way to the rescue centre. I spent 3 weeks inside Karen’s house on fluids, getting the tender loving care I needed before heading out to the bigger enclosures. I have a cataract in one eye and a dislocated lenses in the other so my sight is almost completely gone. You can tell I’m an older male because I have many battle scars around my face from protecting my territory from younger males. I have settled in well into my new home. I've started to climb again and I’ve even found a girl I’m quite fond of, her name is Lily. I have a ferocious appetite and I eat pretty much anything but my favourite plant is Umbrella tree and I love bananas. Although I pretend not to I secretly love head rubs, especially around my ears.


Hi I am Lily, I was rescued when I was only small. I should have been still with my mother but I became lost because I can’t see well. I have a cataracts in both eyes and can only see light and shade from the corner of one of my eyes. I made my way to the side of a road where unfortunately a dog walking past with some ladies grabbed me. Luckily for me a man was watching and saved me from the dog.

I had bad injury to my foot and went through 6 months of treatment for a broken, dislocated ankle and a bone infection from the dogs tooth.

I love Karen as my new mum and I enjoy my spoilt life here at Tree Roo Rescue.

I cant be released because of my sight but it doesn't stop me from living a quite normal life at the centre. I think I am the boss of all the enclosures and Karen's house , so I come in every night to inspect and make sure everything is as it should be.

I choose from one of my five beds in the house and curl up to rest from the day of keeping everyone else in line. I love Glycine vine as a treat and jump inside the bag as soon as I spot it. I love cuddles and being carried around everywhere. Although I can’t see well, being outside  I can enjoy all the new smells.


Hi I am Mackenzie

I was rescued as a very small joey at only 600gms or 6 months of age. I was hopping in the middle of the road, lost from my mum when luckily a garbage truck driver saw me and picked me up and bought me to Tree Roo Rescue. Karen became my new mum and I have been spoilt ever since. Normally I would have been with my mum until I was 3 years old, so Karen has taken on that role and I will be released back into the wild when I'm old enough. I am a big boy now, going out into the outside enclosures during the day where I can socialise with my two favourite girls, Miriam and Crystal. Miriam is like an Aunty to me and teaches me not to be naughty. I'm not so good at climbing yet, it takes lots of practice, we have a special tree at Tree Roo Rescue that helps us all learn how to climb big trees, like those I will climb in the wild. Unfortunately I got stuck up this tree once, I went all the way to the top and decided I was too scared to come back down, Karen had to hire a cherry picker to come up and save me.
I love to play, and I come inside every night to have a rest from the busy outside world. I waddle around the house then curl up next to Karen on the couch and fall asleep behind her head. The only thing that wakes me up is the pitter patter of tiny feet, Tiddles and Evie the pademelons come inside for some food at night time, if I see them we have a fun game of chases around the living room, until mum catches me and puts me to bed.


Hi I am Miriam. As a young adult  I was run over by a car and before anyone had time to rescue me a truck went over the top of me. Luckily it only straddled me and it didn’t hit me. Some wonderful people who witnessed the accident and we're amazed I was still alive took me to Tree Roo Rescue. I had a broken pelvis but was kept quiet as it mended. Unbeknown to them I was pregnant at the time of the accident and gave birth at Tree Roo Rescue to a healthy female Joey called Crystal. It’s a miracle I survived and even more of a miracle Crystal survived. Even with a pelvis injury healing I took very good care of my baby, keeping her in my pouch until she was very big. I had made such a nice home for her in there she didn't want to leave. She did eventually leave my pouch and now we spend our days together climbing around our big enclosure, eating and preening each other. Unfortunately I am blind from unknowingly eating toxic leaves and have been since before the accident, however Crystal has her full sight. When Crystal is old enough to be on her own I will go to a zoo, where I will become part of a breeding program to help conserve the species of Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroos.


Hi I am Crystal. I am Miriam's joey and was born here at Tree Roo Rescue. I was born after my Mother was both hit by a car and run over by a truck, she had a broken pelvis but still managed to give birth to me sometime after she was rescued and looked after me all on her own. Although my mum is blind I can see normally and have become an excellent climber.  I am only 15 months old at the moment and will stay with my mum until I am 3 years old. I am still very timid however sometimes I let Karen pat my nose, but only for a second. I do like to play with Mackenzie though and of course I play with my mum. I have a beautiful fluffy tail and to make sure it stays that way I make sure to always lift it up off the ground when I hop.


Hi I am Bel.

I am completely blind in both eyes, I have a cataract in one eye and a dislocated lens in the other. I got lost in the middle of a paddock, surrounded by cows.
I'm very lucky that the farmer rescued me because cows don't like unfamiliar animals in their yard. The farmer took me to Tree Roo Rescue where I will live out the rest of my life as I am not young anymore.
I have an unusual brindle coloured coat and a dainty little face.
When its feed time I make sure no-one forgets me by clicking at the front of my enclosure until they bring me my food.
Because I'm a little older and set in my ways I don't really like cuddles but I will let Karen give me a little scratch under the chin when I'm feeling friendly.

I am a very gentle old girl who loves all the different rainforest leaves Karen brings me everyday.


Hi I am Rosie.

I'm just a young girl. I have a neurological blindness so my eyes look fine but I can't see. I became lost and made my way to the backyard of people in the town of Atherton, miles away from rainforest where I should have been, and on the football grand final day.

I am very grateful for being rescued by Karen and Neil at Tree Roo Rescue and loved to cuddle them any chance I get. Now I’m a little older I don’t like the smell of boys , if Karen pats a boy first then comes to pat me I will make sure she knows I don’t like it by huffing at her and then turning my back on her, shaking. She still scratches my back though, which I secretly love.

I love eating small leaf privet leaves the most, and eat small dainty amounts. I can't go back out into the wild because I would run into things and hurt myself so when I'm old enough I will go to a zoo and become part of a breeding program to help conserve the species of Lumholtz Tree Kangaroos.



Hi I am Julian.

I’m only young and should still be with my mum but I lost her when I lost my sight. My eyes look normal but I have a neurological blindness. I found a tree in someones backyard but their dogs chased me out, luckily the owners called Karen and she came out and rescued me. I was very scared at first and would run away from everyone. But now I love my cuddles, it’s my favourite part of the day. When I hear Karen coming down the path I jump onto the log next to the door so I can be ready when she walks in. She gives me a big cuddle and then puts me near my food while she cleans up my mess. I'm never finished with my cuddles though and will chase her around and hold onto her leg while she works, then I get another cuddle. I love scratches under the chin too. I love eating Privet leaves, but only the tip so I drop the rest of the ground, this makes lots of mess but I don’t think Karen minds. Because I can’t see, I run into things and would find myself in trouble if I went back out into the wild. So one day, when I'm old enough I will go to a zoo and become part of a breeding program to help conserve the species of Lumholtz Tree Kangaroos.


Hi I am Jimmy

I am only a young boy, about 2.5 years of age, the age we get chased out of home to find a new one.

I was found stuck in the middle of a town called Yungaburra, in a big tree in the park in town. Some people said I was OK and leave me alone but luckily for me a volunteer at the information centre rang Karen and Neil and they were straight out to see what I was doing in town.

There is some rainforest out of town but I would have to run through town itself, across main roads and people were in town with their dogs as well.

Karen said I could have been chased out of the rainforest near town so that wasn't suitable for me to go back.

So Karen and Neil decided to catch me and check I was alright.

I wasn't alright, I had been attacked by a dog and had wounds on my arms and head and I am blind, neurologically. My eyes are not damaged but the Vet Ophthalmologist checked me and said I cant see properly, enough to get into trouble.

So I can not be released and will stay here at Tree Roo Rescue for the time being until I go into the breeding program at a Zoo.

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