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Want to get involved?

VOLUNTEERING  is one way to help us at Tree Roo Rescue
if you wish to apply please fill in this form
and email it to us at

Thank you for choosing to be a part of Tree Roo Rescue and Conservation Centre’s Volunteer Program.


This program is a great way to see how a Tree kangaroo rescue centre works, as well as learning the skills that are required for successful zoo keeping and wildlife rescue.


We are the ONLY tree kangaroo rescue centre in Australia.

This is a once in a lifetime experience with experts with over 25 years hands on and research in Lumholtz tree kangaroos and over 35 years with wildlife rescue with many species of marsupials and mammals. It would also be a valuable addition to your resume to increase job opportunities.


However, most of the animals in our care are adults so nursing and cuddling joeys may only be a very small part or your volunteer time if at all.

So sorry please do not apply if you think you will be cuddling joeys. Most adult tree kangaroos are not cuddly.

Most of the work required by volunteers requires cleaning enclosures, cleaning floors and windows in hospital, feeding, washing up feed dishes, cutting browse and general husbandry. You may be asked to assist in rescues and treatment of injured animals where necessary.


No experience needed as training will be provided on site.

PLEASE ALSO ONLY apply if you can commit to 1 month minimum.

We are extremely busy and training takes time. Sorry but we have been let down far too many times.

If you do not show up or leave after a few days, not only have you wasted our time training you, but you have taken up someone else spot that will miss out on this opportunity.

Many sanctuaries and rescue centres charge volunteers for the privilege and keep a cancelation fee.

We are here for the tree kangaroos not to show you around and for you to see tree kangaroos up close without giving back. So please be considerate when applying.

We do have free Accommodation available in caravan (one person per van or couple) and separate bathroom and kitchen facilities. Only available to volunteers that can stay here for 1 month minimum and food allowance is supplied if you can commit to 3 months. 

Not available to locals.

Locals can work mornings a day a week or more from 8-12.30.

·         You must be over 18 years of age (insurance).

·         Strictly no pets (wildlife).

·         This position is NOT eligible for 88 days Visa (2nd WHV) sign off sorry.

·         Tetanus vaccination essential, Covid preferred.

·         You must be strong, fit and healthy as most of the work is physical.

·         Most of all you must have a deep love of wildlife and not be scared to get your hands dirty and cleaning up after them.

Work is from 8am till 12.30pm and 5-6pm. So you can spend a few hours each day sightseeing if you have a car. The Atherton Tablelands is a beautiful place full of waterfalls, crater lakes and rainforest, platypus and cassowaries (visit our property from time to time).

We are located 1.5 hours from Cairns on the Atherton Tablelands, near Malanda 800m above sea level (so not as hot as Cairns, its actually cold in winter).

It would be beneficial for the applicant to have a vehicle as we are on a rural rainforest property 5kms from nearest town Malanda and there is no public transport available. There is a bus service from Cairns to Atherton and we would pick you up at Atherton 30 minutes from here. Once you are here you would be isolated most of the time (some of our volunteers actually love the quiet of 65ha of rainforest) and unable to look/drive around on your time off but sometimes other volunteers have a vehicle and are happy to show you around.. We are happy to pick you up from bus and do this for a lot of our volunteers and we can take you into town each week for supplies (we go out each day to cut browse).

Sorry but free accommodation is not available to those that also wish to work elsewhere at the same time as volunteering here. The caravans are kept for those that are not getting an income.

This is our Home we are sharing with you as we need the help to care for the tree kangaroos BUT we do like some privacy so we prefer volunteers do not come and go after dark (also our driveway is full of wildlife).

We don’t mind you going out during the day for sightseeing after all the work is done as long as youa re back before dark.

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