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Conservation Partner

Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation is our conservation Partner

We have been working with Dreamworld and the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation since 2012.

They recieved their first Lumholtz tree kangaroos into their collection in 2014, taking 3 adults that could not be released. They now have 5 blind tree kangaroos and Csi and Mindy, from the first 3, have had a joey called Muppee (pictured right). She is on display and is a beautiful young girl. You can go and see Muppee at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. 

You can also adopt both Muppee and her mother Mindy through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation website and the funds come to Tree Roo Rescue to go towards rescue and rehabilitation of injured wild tree kangaroos and their conservation.

DWF have also contributed a great deal of funds towards our new facilities and are continuing to support us now as our conservation partner.

We look forward to many years of working together for the future of Lumholtz tree kangaroos.

we are currently researcher the cause of the neurological blindness that has increased over the past 4 years.



Bob Irwin is our Ambassador for Tree Roo Rescue

Bob first came to visit us in 2014

Bob had never met a tree kangaroo before and was delighted to coem and see what we do, so much so that he accepted our invitation to be our Ambassador in 2015

we value Bobs support immensley

thansk Bob



We would like to thank the following companies and people for sponsoring Tree Roo Rescue

Your help is invaluable

if you would like to sponsor us please let us know 


Atherton District Animal Welfare Society

Support us on a monthly basis with funds to pay for food and other items for the Tree Kangaroo

care. thank you ADAWS

you can help by donating your old clothes or goods you are going to throw out to ADAWS Op shop,

all the money goes to animal charites on the Atherton Tablelands.

Moranos Fuel

provide us with fuel each month

SPAR Malanda

Provide us with cost price food for the tree kangaroos such as chick peas and sweet potato and donate $50 worth of food for Tree Roo Awareness Week market day.

Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas



















































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