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FAQ's  (Under construction)


There are many myths and misunderstandings about tree kangaroos

This page will answer many of these questions and educate you about these special animals


Are tree kangaroos actually kangaroos?


Yes they are kangaroos in the family macropods (Macropididae) and they are marsupials.  



How are they adapted to their life in trees?




Do they have joeys like other kangaroos and how long do they stay with mum?


Breeding is any time of the year but more so in spring and summer like most animals.

Gestation or pregnanacy lasts for 45 days (average).

The females have a pouch and the joeys are born very tiny jellybean sized and crawl up into the pouch when born.

Joeys will spend up to 9 months in the pouch, coming out for first adventures about 5months.

Joeys have fine fur (velvet) at around 4-5 months.

Joeys will stay with their mums till about 2 or 3 years of age.


Do they breed successfully in captivity?


yes they do.

we have bred wild born Lumholtz tree kangaroos and Zoos are now breeding them as part of our captive breeding program.

these joeys will not be released but kept in Zoos for education puposes.

joeys born here at Tree Roo rescue are released into the wild.


Where do they live?

Lumholtz tree kangaroos live in the rainforests of Far North Queensland between Cardwell Ranges and the Daintree, mostly in the higher elevation above 600m and mostly on the Atherton tablelands., 

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