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Help us save our Australian Tree kangaroos.


Protect our forests.

For now, and for the generations after us and you will protect all of the special animals in them.

If you find an injured or dispaced

Tree Kangaroo

please ring us immediately

 0427 790 694

get someone to stay and watch, as they disappear very quickly and then we won't be able to help



 We are a non-profit organisation that rescues

and rehabilitates, orphaned, injured or displaced

tree kangaroos for release back into the wild, or

if not possible, for life in a specialised zoo facility

helping to raise awareness through education and conservation for their wild cousins.

We also wish to educate the public and increase awareness of Australian tree kangaroo conservation and the threats that bring them into care such as dogs and cars.

Our Vision is to assist in the prevention of the extinction of Tree kangaroos.


Donate now Via paypal or Direct Debit to help us

Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release Orphaned, Injured and displaced and blind Lumholtz Tree Kangaroos.

All Donations go directly to the Tree Roos In the way of food , equipment , medical supplies , veterinary Bills and more.

Please give generously to help us save these incredible animals. 

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Adopt a tree roo

Great gift idea for xmas or birthdays

Sorry but we are not open to the public


Each year we hold a special week called 

Tree Roo Awareness Week

the 4th week in May

starting on the weekend of the Malanda Markets

we hope to hold a big event as well as having a market stall and other things happening

lots of social media

Watch this space for updates

International world tree kangaroo day

21st May

Get Involved

Wish to help?

you can by


  • Fundraising on our behalf

  • Donating

  • Sponsoring a Tree Roo

  • Following us on FB and

       spreading the word!

  • Volunteering

To apply to volunteer, please fill out this form and email to us at

News 1

News 3

September through 'til at least March is Tree Roo season, when they tend to move more than other times of the year.

Please look out for them day and night and keep your dog fenced in or on a lead at ALL times!

Lumholtz tree Kangaroos are NOT nocturnal, they are cathemeral, active day and night

So please look out for them while driving at ALL times, especially near rainforest. To learn more, keep an eye out for our Education section (COMING SOON!).

News 2

We now have FREE accommodation on site - caravans so we can now take volunteers

and free WiFi

1 month min

3 months min you also get food allowance

Volunteer application forms are now available here.  

Please complete and email back to us

“To entertain the idea that any kangaroo

known to us,

or approaching its formation,

could climb a tree,

would be ridiculous..” 


Mr William Hann

12 October 1872

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News 4

Please Keep you dogs fenced in at all times as they WILL chase tree kangaroos and may harm them

it doesn't matter how well trained they are 

2024 Calendars on SALE

as well as a heap of other merch.

All profits go to the roos!

Keen? Check out our Shop

Atherton District Animal Welfare Society

Support us on a monthly basis with funds to pay for food and other items for the Tree Kangaroo care.


you can help by donating your old clothes or goods you are going to throw out to ADAWS Op shop,

all the money goes to animal charites on the Atherton Tablelands.

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